Discover the Magic of London: A Family Adventure Guide

London Awaits: A Family Journey Full of Discovery and Fun for Kids & Teens

Welcome to our family’s London adventure – a journey that was not just a vacation, but a celebration of togetherness and exploration in one of the world’s most vibrant cities. After a period of challenges and focusing on personal well-being, this trip to London was a breath of fresh air, bringing us closer and immersing us in the rich tapestry of culture, history, and fun that only London can offer. From the iconic sights of Big Ben and the London Eye to the charming streets of Notting Hill, join us as we rediscover joy, excitement, and the endless possibilities of family travel in the heart of the United Kingdom

At the start of our Passover holiday, we embarked on a British Airways flight to the capital of the United Kingdom, and London greeted us with grand surprises!

This is our family’s second visit to the British Isles. In 2018, we had a very special and comprehensive two-week tour of Scotland.

Exploring London with Kids and Teens: Endless Possibilities! From trendy neighborhoods and vibrant markets to enchanting parks, London offers interactive museums, thrilling attractions, and an immersive Harry Potter experience. It’s an ideal city for family vacations, perfectly suited for memorable Bar/Bat Mitzvah trips.

London with Kids and Teens: The Ultimate Family Travel Guide

  • Arrival – There are several options for getting to London. We chose British Airways for the convenience of its departure and arrival at Heathrow Airport, which is relatively close to the city. Additionally, Heathrow is well-connected to the city’s transportation network, accessible via the Piccadilly Underground line or the new Elizabeth line.
  • Accommodation – When I started looking for good quality family accommodation for a week, I encountered very high prices for stays in central London (Trafalgar Square, Soho, Covent Garden). Not wanting to compromise on the quality of our stay, I quickly shifted my search to neighborhoods on the edge of zone 1, such as Notting Hill, Kensington, and Shoreditch. Rule number one is to find accommodation close to an underground station, no more than a few minutes’ walk away. We chose the K+K Hotel George Kensington. The hotel is a two-minute walk from Earl’s Court station. A 10-15 minute ride takes you right to the center of London, and it’s a half-hour journey to Heathrow Airport on the Piccadilly line. The hotel is charming! It has a lovely garden, a great breakfast, and a big plus – apples, umbrellas, and mineral water bottles in the lobby, exactly what you need to start a day of touring in London

Top Recommended Accommodations in London For Families

An apartment hotel, located a ten-minute walk from Leicester Square and near Covent Garden.

Located near Waterloo Tube station, very close to the London Eye and the boat pier.

Located near the central Trafalgar Square. An apartment hotel.

Transportation – The most convenient way to get around London is by using the Underground – the Tube. It is the largest subway system in Europe and connects all parts of the city, making travel very easy and comfortable. The most convenient way to pay is by tapping a credit card / Apple Pay / Google Pay at the card readers. At the end of the day, the system calculates the most cost-effective fare for the traveler and charges them the best possible rate. Children under the age of 11 travel for free, and those aged 12-16 travel at half price. For teenagers who do not have a credit card, an Oyster card can be purchased and loaded with money. The Oyster card, too, ultimately calculates the most cost-effective fare for the payment.

Day 1: Kids Explore the Big City of London!

Waking up full of excitement for a very rainy day, we hurried to watch the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.

The ceremony takes place on specific days only and is sometimes canceled due to holidays or events. I recommend checking the schedule in advance on the website to see on which days it occurs.

We got off near St James’s Palace and secured an excellent spot on The Mall. However, luck was not on our side. Due to the very rainy weather, the Changing of the Guard ceremony was significantly reduced.

During the summer months, Buckingham Palace is open to the public, and you can join a tour of the rooms and halls.

You can also visit the Royal Mews of the Palace.

The rain didn’t stop pouring, but it’s our first day of vacation! We’re not giving up.

We decided to continue our tour in the lovely St. James’s Park. It is one of London’s Royal Parks, nestled between three palaces: Buckingham Palace, St. James’s Palace, and Westminster Palace. Spring isn’t quite here yet, so the parks aren’t at their peak, but everything is pastoral, the scenery is charming, full of flowers and birds.

From St. James’s Park, we entered the Horse Guards Parade, but the rain didn’t stop, and we started to get tired from all the water and umbrellas

Exploring Leicester Square and Soho: Culinary Delights at Circolo Popolare

Due to the really bothersome rain, we decided to change course and switch to indoor activities. We took the Tube to Piccadilly station and from there, explored concept stores.

First on the list, the Harry Potter souvenir shop – WIZARDS AND WONDERS. There was great excitement among the fans 🙂

The famous M&M’s store. A multi-level, colorful, and interactive shop.

And the LEGO store, which contains many impressive creations inside!

We continued our stroll around Leicester Square and the beautiful streets of the Soho neighborhood. We ended the day at Circolo Popolare, an excellent Italian restaurant with a stunning design.

Day 2 in London: Exploring Notting Hill and a Chilly Thames River Cruise

Notting Hill and Portobello Market

The rain has stopped, how wonderful! And we are hurrying to the picturesque Notting Hill neighborhood. On Saturdays, a special market is held in this beautiful neighborhood, the Portobello Market. This market stretches along the entire length of Portobello Rd and is one of the most famous in London. The market offers thousands of stalls filled with all sorts of goods, from food to art, antiques, and crafts. It is considered the cheapest food market in the city.

First, we walked through the beautiful streets of the neighborhood, far from the noise and chaos of the market. It is gorgeous, colorful, and diverse, with pastoral houses and colorful facades.

After a peaceful stroll, we moved on to the market itself. The market features hundreds of stalls offering souvenirs, gifts, flowers, and especially a lot of colorfulness. We wandered among the food stalls and tasted unique dishes. We finished our tour around noon, just as crowds and groups of tourists started arriving in the neighborhood.

Discovering Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens: London's Green Gems

After our visit to the Notting Hill Market, we had a few hours left until the Thames cruise I had booked in advance. The weather was gray, but the rain had completely stopped.

I decided it was a great time to cross Hyde Park. What’s wonderful about London is its diversity. You can always escape from the hustle and bustle of the streets and markets to the green parks.

Hyde Park is bordered on its western side by Kensington Gardens. Within Kensington Gardens lies the famous Kensington Palace. Over the years, many members of the royal family have resided in the palace, and visiting it is incredibly fascinating.

One of the entrances to Kensington Gardens is from Kensington High Street. Kensington High Street is a shopping street reminiscent of Oxford Street, filled with restaurants and stores of all types and chains. After a lunch at the famous Indian restaurant Dishoom, we entered Kensington Gardens.

We passed the large lake full of ducks and swans and crossed towards Hyde Park. In Hyde Park, we walked along the famous lake and enjoyed the blooming magnolias.

London's Icons: Big Ben, Westminster Palace, and Westminster Bridge

The next stop on our way to the cruise pier is Westminster Palace and, of course, the famous Big Ben. Exiting the tube station, Big Ben stands right before us. Big Ben is part of Westminster Palace. We took pictures from various angles and then continued to Westminster Bridge.

On the other side of Westminster Bridge, we find the cruise pier and the London Eye, the giant Ferris wheel. This area is full of famous attractions that are popular with families, and it’s nice to include them in a tour with children and teenagers.

Thames Rockets - Speedboat Cruise on the Thames!

A Thames Rockets cruise on the Thames is one of the best adrenaline experiences you can find in London. The cruise is conducted in a group with a guide who is both an actor and a comedian. While doing spins and stunts with the Speed Boat, you pass under all the famous bridges and alongside well-known buildings, with interesting explanations. The atmosphere is lively with good, upbeat music. The company offers various types of cruising experiences. One type, which takes place only in the morning and early evening, goes as far as Greenwich.

♥ Tip – The cruising experience is amazing, but I recommend doing it mainly in the spring and summer months. In winter, if the weather is gloomy, it can be very cold due to the speed of the boat.

Top Family Attractions Near the Cruise Pier and London Eye

In the vicinity of the cruise pier and the iconic London Eye, a variety of family-friendly attractions are available, ideal for visits with children and teens. Advance booking for these popular destinations is highly recommended

♥ London Eye: The Renowned Giant Ferris Wheel Experience

The London Eye is situated in a prime location on the banks of the Thames, overlooking London’s most famous symbol, the iconic clock tower, Big Ben. It is advisable to book tickets in advance due to the long queues.

♥ The Aquarium – SEA LIFE Centre London Aquarium

Here you will find a huge variety of aquatic creatures such as various types of fish, penguins, sea turtles, sharks, rays, and more.

♥ Shrek’s Adventure London

An interactive experience based on the famous movie. Join the search to find Shrek.

The London Dungeon

An interactive experience that combines the horror stories of London’s dark dungeons (Jack the Ripper, torture methods, plagues) with a performance by costumed actors. Suitable for teenagers.

♥ If you’re not into extreme adventures, you can enjoy a leisurely cruise on the Thames.

Day number 3 - The city of London. Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Borough Market, and 'Back to the Future' musical

The third day of our trip was a Sunday. At three o’clock, I booked us the famous musical ‘Back to the Future’. The musical is very suitable for teenagers. You can’t visit London without experiencing a musical at least once. I chose tickets for three o’clock and not necessarily for the evening in order to break up the day and not arrive at the show exhausted from fatigue.

The theater is located in Covent Garden, but because it’s Sunday, everything around opens late. Therefore, we decided to take advantage of Sunday to visit the famous food market, Borough Market, which is at its peak on this day.

Before visiting the market, we did a tour of some famous sites nearby. First, we visited (only from the outside) the Tower of London. Inside the castle is an exhibition of the jewels and crowns of the British royal family. It is highly recommended to book tickets in advance for those who want to visit inside the castle due to particularly long lines.

From the Tower of London, we strolled along the Thames River towards the iconic Tower Bridge, a quintessential symbol of London and a must-see landmark for visitors.

We traversed the bridge to reach the south bank of the Thames. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the bridge itself, including a tour of the engine room and the unique experience of walking on a glass floor, offering a distinct perspective of the city.

We leisurely continued our tour along the picturesque south bank of the Thames, heading westward to the renowned Borough Market. Known as the oldest market in the area, Borough Market is a vibrant hub showcasing the best of British produce. Here, you’ll discover a diverse array of culinary delights including savory meats and sausages, a variety of cheeses, freshly baked pastries, and an assortment of wines. It’s a gastronomic adventure not to be missed. For the ultimate experience, it’s recommended to arrive hungry, especially during the bustling afternoon hours

Trafalgar Square: Unveiling London's Iconic Cultural Heartbeat

As the hour of the musical approached, we reluctantly departed from the market to head towards Covent Garden. Opting for the convenience of the tube, we journeyed to Trafalgar Square, fulfilling a plan from our rain-drenched first day.

rafalgar Square: London’s Heart and Historical Epicenter. This pivotal square commemorates Britain’s triumph over Napoleon in the Battle of Trafalgar, a crucial event that halted Napoleon’s ambitions to conquer Britain. Surrounding this iconic square are some of London’s most famous landmarks, including the majestic Houses of Parliament, the iconic Big Ben, the vibrant Piccadilly Circus, and the regal Buckingham Palace

Covent Garden and the Musical Back to the Future

Transitioning from Trafalgar Square, we headed towards the bustling Covent Garden. Renowned as a vibrant core of London, Covent Garden is famed for its lively mix of entertainment, theatrical shows, and an array of shops. It’s a place pulsating with joy and creativity, often filled with artists and featuring numerous street performances throughout the day. Although our visit was brief this time, as we were eager to attend the musical, we planned to immerse ourselves more deeply in its vibrant atmosphere at the end of our trip.

The musical ‘Back to the Future’ is presented at the Adelphi Theatre.

יום מספר 4 - אולפני הארי פוטר. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

We arrived after the peak days of the trip, to which the teenagers, Harry Potter fans, were eagerly looking forward.

The Harry Potter Studios are located outside London in the suburb known as Watford.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour is predominantly self-guided, offering a unique experience except for the initial two rooms, including the iconic Great Hall. The tour showcases original sets from memorable scenes, providing insights into the production of various special effects. Key highlights include visits to famous locations like Diagon Alley, Platform 9 ¾, Hagrid’s Hut, Dumbledore’s Office, and the opportunity to sample the famed butterbeer.

The studio tour is an enthralling journey especially for fans, yet it’s equally a splendid experience for those less acquainted with the series. The entire tour is designed to be accessible and highly interactive, making it enjoyable for all visitors.

Harry Potter Studios: Transportation and Access Routes

♥ Self-Guided Transportation Options

We opted for a self-directed journey to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. This involves taking a train from London’s Euston Station to Watford Railway Station. Upon arrival at Watford Station, a dedicated shuttle bus is available, ready to whisk you away into the magical world of Harry Potter and transport you directly to the studios.

♥ Arrival via Organized Transport Services

Tickets for the studios are available with the option of including direct shuttle service from London to the Harry Potter Studio for a seamless experience.

To secure tickets for the Harry Potter Studios, it’s advisable to make reservations several months in advance due to their high demand and rapid sell-out.

Keep in mind that the self-guided tour typically spans approximately 4-5 hours.

Day 5 - Exploring Graffiti, Culinary Delights, and Breathtaking Views!

Discovering Shoreditch: London's Trendy Art and Food Hub

The Most Vibrant Day of the Vacation!

On Day 5, Exploring Shoreditch: A Colorful Graffiti and Sweet Delights Tour with London Ladies

Shoreditch Neighborhood is Bursting with Graffiti Art, Stylish Shops, and a Youthful and Vibrant Atmosphere.

Throughout the 4-hour tour, we delve into a plethora of artistic creations in the form of graffiti, uncovering captivating narratives behind each piece and gaining insights into the talented artists who brought them to life.

The tour offers delightful tastings of Shoreditch’s finest sweets, a hands-on graffiti workshop, and wraps up with a visit to one of London’s premier markets – the historic Old Spitalfields Market.

Alternative Ways to Explore Shoreditch:

Sky Garden

Following the tour, I made advance reservations for tickets to the Sky Garden observation deck. This must-visit attraction is free but requires prior booking. The breathtaking views and the venue’s beauty are unparalleled. Located in London’s City area, it offers a perfect opportunity to combine with visits to the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.

Booking Tickets for Sky Garden

Kitchen W8 - A Michelin-Starred Restaurant

The London vacation is coming to an end, but one essential experience remains incomplete: a Michelin-starred restaurant!

This time, we’ve chosen the Kitchen W8 restaurant. Located just a ten-minute walk from our hotel in Kensington. it offers a value-packed Set Menu during lunch hours and for those who prefer to dine early (until 6:30 PM) in the evening.

Day 6 - Urban Nature, Vibrant Markets, and Finishing at Covent Garden

At the request of the young enthusiast, we started the day with some exploration in Soho. A bit of shopping, mainly electronics and urban fashion.

Soho, Regent Street, Oxford Street

We started from Piccadilly Circus and this time headed towards Regent Street (Regent St), a beautiful shopping street. From Regent St, we turned into a charming shopping street, Carnaby Street (Carnaby St).

On Regent Street, you’ll also find the large Microsoft flagship store, where you can experience various computer games. Highly recommended for all gamers. Of course, we went in.

Regent's Canal - The Little Venice - A Nature Lover's Urban Escape in London

As a nature enthusiast, during my London vacation, it was very important for me to incorporate urban nature as well. London is abundant with beautiful parks, a lovely riverside promenade, and also features a charming elevated walkway known as Regent’s Canal Walkway. You can paddle along it or take a leisurely walk.

I chose a approximately 4 km segment that ends at the famous Camden Market. The walk alongside the elevated walkway is very pleasant and tranquil. In part of it, you pass by the famous zoo, and you can even see some of the animals in cages.

Another way to enjoy the elevated walkway is to rent a boat through the company GoBoat. To book a boat for a self-guided cruise.

Or, join a cruise on a boat departing from Camden.

Camden Market - A Vibrant London Shopping Experience

The Camden Market is one of London’s famous markets. Located in the beautiful Camden neighborhood, it started operating in the 1970s and consists of several markets. In the market, you can find everything from antiques and vintage items to furniture and a wide variety of delicious foods.

The Camden Market is very popular among tourists in London. Personally, I didn’t enjoy it as much because it was too crowded for my taste.

What Else Can You Explore Near Camden Market?

London Zoo: A Historic Animal Sanctuary near Camden Market

♥ Madame Tussauds Museum: Exploring the World of Famous Wax Figures

Covent Garden and Chinatown

After our visit to Camden Market, we decided to return to Covent Garden for the perfect complement. The atmosphere in Covent Garden is truly enjoyable and cheerful, and we spent the rest of the afternoon watching the cool street performances. At the heart of Covent Garden square stands the market building, divided into three areas: the Farmers’ Market, the Antiques Market, and the Artists’ Market.

In Covent Garden, you can also find the Transport Museum, the world’s leading museum of urban transportation. It features an impressive display of trains, trams, and buses that once operated in London.

After enjoying the street performances, we headed to a stroll in Chinatown. Chinatown is located between Covent Garden and Soho, right in the heart of London. It’s especially vibrant, adorned with Chinese decor, and filled with Asian restaurants and shops selling Eastern goods.

Day 7 - Beef Wellington

The last day of the vacation, but one thing remains to complete – we must taste Beef Wellington, the flagship dish of Chef Gordon Ramsay. It’s a dish of beef wrapped in puff pastry.

We’re searching on Google Maps for a restaurant that serves this dish during lunch hours and opens early enough for us to make it to the airport on time. Additionally, it should be relatively close to the hotel. It’s worth noting that the preparation of this dish takes about 45 seconds!

Following extensive research, we have identified a pub/restaurant known as “The Grenadier” situated in close proximity to Hyde Park

We kick off our day with a few small completions, starting with the Westminster Abbey is considered the most significant church in the British Kingdom and is especially magnificent. It is the place where the kings and queens of England are crowned, and important wedding ceremonies have also taken place in the church.

The queue at the entrance seems never-ending, and as we didn’t book tickets in advance, we opt to capture a few shots from the outside and move on.

We proceed along Victoria Street, hoping for our luck at Westminster Cathedral, the primary cathedral of the Catholic community in England and Wales. Entrance is free, and there’s no need to wait in line.

Early afternoon has arrived. It’s time to put a checkmark next to The Beef Wellington. We hastened to The Grenadier and opted for one serving of Beef Wellington along with various dishes from the restaurant. The wait for the meal was quite lengthy, but the food was exceptionally tasty.


A delightful family vacation has reached its conclusion. After a long and challenging period, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and I could once again feel the sensation of freedom.

We made the conscious decision not to rush and prioritize checking off attractions but rather to immerse ourselves in the city’s ambiance, revel in the performances, embrace the urban energy, explore vibrant markets, and unwind in charming parks. And, of course, to savor a wide variety of delicious food!

All About London Tickets: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking to combine multiple attractions during your London vacation, purchasing one of the London tickets can be cost-effective. I recommend exploring the various types of tickets and finding the one that best suits your vacation style

London Pass 

Provides admission to 85 attractions. You can choose the duration of card usage, from 1 to 10 days.

Explorer Pass

You can select the number of attractions the card grants access to, between 2 and 7. It is valid for 60 days from the first use.

Combined card Madame Tussauds, London Eye & SEA LIFE.

Discount card for three attractions.

Top Recommended Accommodations in London For Families

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