Recommended accommodations in Faial and Pico - Azores

Recommendations for vacation homes, guesthouses, and hotels in Faial and Pico, Azores

Over the years, I have collected great and successful accommodations in the Azores Islands in Faial, the blue island and Pico, The Black Island. These are hotels, guesthouses, or apartments that I have visited and experienced myself, with my family or my clients who stayed and returned very satisfied

I recommend staying in Faial or Pico and traveling between the two by ferry. There’s no need to change accommodations, as the sail takes about half an hour. The recommended towns for staying are the port towns of Horta in Faial or Madalena in Pico. The ferry between the islands operates between both of them.



Top Recommended Accommodations in Horta, Faial

Top Recommended Accommodations in Madalena, Pico

Top Recommended Accommodations in the Azores Islands