So who am I?

Hello! My name is Tali Koren. I am a personal travel planner and consultant. Married and a mother of two sons. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Technion and have since worked in high-tech for about 15 years in large companies (such as Microsoft) and also in startups. Throughout my career, I felt something was missing and that I wasn’t fully engaging in what I truly love. After a long period of thought and due to my lifelong passion for travel, I decided to leave high-tech and start a business focused on planning and consulting for travelers around the world. I try to integrate the skills I acquired from the high-tech world into the world of travel planning.

Fantasy Trip

Fantasy trip was born out of the desire to follow my heart while also integrating my love for technology.

How does this manifest?

I built my website myself 😄.

My detailed trip plans include barcodes for scanning into Waze/Google Maps for precise arrival at destinations, without any fuss.

In addition, for the purpose of planning a unique and personalized trip, I do not just rely on reading material in books, websites, and standard groups. I thoroughly review websites and blogs in foreign languages, and also personally contact bloggers and businesses from the respective countries. Google Translate has long become a good friend of mine 😄. I do all this to get unique and authentic information that helps me create as personalized a plan as possible for my clients. This way, I come across many unique, diverse, and experiential places.

Beyond personalized planning, I primarily sell peace of mind. My clients can be sure that they will maximize their experiences and enjoyment from their trip while spending minimal time on planning. A common phrase I hear from my travelers is: ‘I feel as if I planned the trip myself.

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